March visitors

Our old friends Leon and Henriette Castermans, from Stichting Vrienden von Sarnelli in The Netherlands, came for the first of their twice yearly visit. They played with the kids, put on their famous French fries party and Leon took great care of the pool. Leon & Henriette and their foundation have been enormously supportive to various projects at Sarnelli House over many years and we are very grateful to them both. All the kids look forward to their next visit in October.

Fr. Shea's nephew Michael John Shea came to visit us with his wife Amy and two of his children, Pat and Grace. It was lovely to spend time with them all. Michael John and Amy are generous supporters of the Sarnelli House project and they enjoyed seeing all the work going on here. They played with the little ones, spent time with Uncle Mike and engaged us all with stories of the Shea family!

Debbie Willis came from the UK for her twice yearly visit, and as usual, brought much joy and colour to the children's lives. Her games of bingo are famous by now and she spent unhurried time with all of the little ones, doing art and playing games. The children love her very much.

Jim Snell from the USA has been a long time supporter and visitor to Sarnelli House. Like many, he was unable to visit us for 2/3 years due to Covid restrictions so it was great to see him again. He is easy-going and friendly with all and spent lovely time with the kids. He swam, sponsored water park trips and was his usual generous self.

Vincent from the Redemptorist Volunteer Ministries in Germany came to visit his volunteers, Lukas and Lars. He was a very impressive young man and the organisation is lucky to have him.

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