November & December visitors

The end of the year was a busy time with guests coming, for short stays and longer. Some are old friends of Sarnelli House and others visited for the first time. In November, we welcomed a party from The Jan & Oscar Foundation, led by founder Laurence Pian. She explained the origins of her foundation to the girls living in the Jan & Oscar house, built by her foundation and also received updates on the progress of the girls she is supporting academically. Laurence and her team also filled us in on some of the excellent work they are doing with the sea gypsy people and a recycling program. bringing jobs to neglected communities. We look forward to their next visit at the end of the year.

Marcia Meier, a former volunteer from Germany and a great friend of and frequent visitor to Sarnelli House bought her mother Jutta on her first trip. They were both warmly welcomed by the staff and children and joined in all the activities. Marcia always brings great energy and love to the place so it was lovely to see her again and wonderful to meet Jutta. Thank you both for your time and generosity. 

Marcia's visit coincided with a visit from a friend of hers from Spain. Judit came for the first time and threw herself into the work here with great energy. She played with the little ones, taught English and even helped bringing in the rice harvest! Thank you for your visit Judit.

December saw the return of more old friends, with Angela & Joop from AsianKidzSupport in the Netherlands coming to see Fr, Mike, the children and the young adult they are supporting through university. We are always happy to see Angela & Joop as their enthusiasm is infectious. We look forward to their next, longer visit.

Caitrin O'Shea came for her regular Christmas visit from the USA to see her Uncle Mike and enjoyed the Christmas festivities as usual as well as her friendships with the staff. Caitrin is great company and has a great connection with everyone at Sarnelli House.

The family of Benedikt Kaiser, our volunteer from RVM Bonn, came to visit and got to enjoy a uniquely Thai Christmas and New Year. Benedikt has been a great volunteer for us and it was lovely to meet his mother and three brothers. They went on trips and had many adventures during their time here.

Parents and students from ICS in Udon Thani came for a visit after they had raised money through a Read-a-thon for the literacy needs of the children at Sarnelli House. Many thanks for your amazing support.  

Eddie Schlachter from the USA came for his regular visit to see Fr. Mike. The two have been friends for almost 50 years and it is always good to see Eddie. 



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