October visitors

Leon and Henriette Castermans, from the Netherlands arrived as Chairman and board member of their foundation, Stichting Vriendan van Sarnelli. They reviewed their current projects on water irrigation on the farm, the Thai teacher project, and pool maintenance as well getting involved in activities with the children and the staff. While they were here, we had the chance to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. We are always happy to see Leon and Henriette. As well as being great fun, they have been amazing supporters to Sarnelli House and we look forward to their next visit.

Debbie Willis from the UK stayed for 3 weeks and the kids and staff welcomed her back with open arms. Debbie brings great energy and joy to the children and they respond to her love manifold. Her bingo games are legendary and the children know her very well at this point.

Donna, Ray and two other students from RIS in Bangkok came to complete their project at House of Hope. The kids loved them and we thank them for their enthusiasm and generosity. Donna is a regular visitor and has developed a real connection to the little kids. We hope to see her again soon.

Michael and Janet O'Connor from Wisconsin, USA are relatives of Fr Shea and come to visit every year. Fr. Shea loves their company and they his, and both Michael and Janet have excellent friendships with the staff. They also celebrated a large wedding anniversary so we had a party for them too! They bring a lot of laughter and energy with them and we are always grateful for their visits.


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