First Aid Training

For three days, from May 25- 27th, 2010, Thai Red Cross came to Sarnelli House to deliver First Aid Training.

The reasons for supporting such a training session for the staff are numerous.   Many of the staff working at Sarnelli House have had little formal education or health training. First Aid training can not only help the staff in the care of the kids when accidents happen,  but will also give them greater awareness and knowledge in their  daily lives of  how to prevent further injuries at an accident, and hopefully save lives.

Most people have been affected by the death or injury of someone involved in a motor bike accident in this area, they are a common and deadly occurrence in Thailand.  Emergency ambulances are not often used at the site of an accident – the injured person is hauled into the back of a pick up truck and driven to hospital. With First Aid skills the staff of Sarnelli House can become more confident in dealing with injuries and often, as first responders on the scene they will hopefully be able to save lives not only at Sarnelli House but in the communities they live.     

First Aid training was a first for all the staff and they relished the opportunity to learn. From the 6 houses that care for children, and the office – 25 staff attended the 3 days. The training was held in the Chapel at Sarnelli House which accommodated all the staff and the Red Cross training equipment.  

Training included the management and transport of unconscious people and people with bone fractures. The management of choking, drowning, insect and dog bites was covered as well as how to stop bleeding and perform CPR for adults, children and babies.    

Every morning and after each session break Kung (manager of Sarnelli House) had the task of awakening everyone and getting them focused again. She had the staff up dancing chicken dances and generally having fun before the hard task of concentration began.

The training was provided by 3 nurses from Thai Red Cross’s office in Korat about 300 km from Nongkhai. On successful completion of the accredited course all staff received a 5 year certificate.

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