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Within the first 5 minutes of my arrival at Sarnelli House I was ambushed by the lovely kids who dressed my hair with flowers. Overwhelming I thought! Well that was just the beginning. Within the first week of my stay I decided that Sarnelli House was actually Disneyland … only set in reality. Of course this observation was made at face value and a stark contrast to the lives that these children have left behind. When I learned about the children’s histories I was even more filled with gratitude and awe for the work carried out by Fr Mike and the team which has provided these kids a new lease of life… quite literally.

This has been my first visit to Thailand and possibly the best! I’ve been able to participate in Songkran (New Year) celebrations and been privileged to see the opening of the new swimming pool! The Tesco trips have been as much a treat for me as the kids (Swensen’s icecream  ... oh yeah).  My weeks have gone by without knowing if it’s Monday or Friday and it’s been a pleasure. The leaving ceremony was incredibly thoughtful and I simply couldn’t help shedding a tear when Fr Mike said a few words of appreciation not to mention the string of kids shouting “I love you” to really get the water works on.

I would like to thank the kids for accepting me in their community with open arms and unconditionally. It has amazed me that we’ve communicated lucidly even though I only know 3 words of Thai. Their expressions of love have been priceless and imprinted in my memory always.

May 2010

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